Voiptel's mission is to provide internet and fastest service to all Aucklander's in New Zealand

Modem / Router or Firewall

Keeping You Connected

Voiptel take the hassle of the middle man out the equation so you have one port of call - easy internet solutions. We can set up and configure your services for your business, supply advice or hardware and accessories and provide training that’ll see you get the most out of your connection.

Choosing between different internet service options can be a headache, especially with the aggressive advertising campaigns many ISP’s offer or opinionated customer reviews combating one another. It’s also important to avoid the ‘over spend’ experienced when services requested exceed those required. Voiptel can help provide the right advice based on your unique scenario to help filter out the marketing hype and contentious criticism presented by our competition.

Connection Options:

Asymmetric digital subscriber line, ADSL is a type of DSL broadband communications technology used for connecting to the Internet. ADSL allows faster data to be sent over existing copper telephone lines via an ADSL modem.


Very high bitrate Digital Subscriber Line. VDSL is the newer form of broadband internet that runs over your existing copper phone lines. VDSL allows users to access the internet at up to 3x the speeds of ADSL. Second generation VDSL2 connections are also available. Capable of supporting applications such as; HD TV, VoIP Telephone services over a single connection.


Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB), uses fibre optic connection’s where available, over the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network. In order for Voiptel customers to achieve the highest possible internet speeds they will need to have high specification hardware installed to utilise peak performance. Cost effective and more reliable than copper (DSL) connections.

What does it Cost?

Voiptel offer 3 UFB fibre connections based on maximum speeds possible for the plan. Please contact Voiptel directly if interested in establishing a DSL (ADSL or VDSL) connection for your business, or to confirm if UFB is available at your location.

Base Speed
Unlimited Data plus $69.00 Installation
Base Speed
Unlimited Data plus $75.00 Installation
Base Speed
Unlimited Data plus $69.00 Installation

*Reported speeds may not always match average performance speed; speeds vary greatly depending on the time of day and even your business location. The posted speed is only the potential speed available at your location, not the actual average performance speed.

Support Options

Fast, helpful, knowledgeable support is critical for your business success. You can take comfort from the knowledge that Voiptel strive to provide the customised and personal support services often found lacking from larger ISP’s. If you want to avoid spending hours waiting on hold while you endeavour to resolve a technical issue, contact the Voiptel team today to talk about the right plan for your business. We support all Voiptel supplied physical components such as cables and modems and provide responsive, local on-site support where required.

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