In-House VoIP Phone Systems

Why Choose an In-House Enterprise Phone System?

Choosing a phone system that provides the best solution for your business is easy with Voiptel. Our team of experts will offer solutions based upon your unique environment and the discussions we’ll have with you as you consider your options. Where an In-House hosted VoIP Phone System requires upfront expense of hardware, it also provide power and control of the system for enterprises planning growth and flexibility.

Voiptel takes care of all that for you. We can set up and configure the system for your business, supply advice on handsets, headsets and accessories and provide training that’ll see you get the most out of your system while minimising investment overheads.

Cost Effective

Medium businesses and Enterprises looking at an In-House Phone System can avoid Fee Increases, while lowering Cost of Ownership as your System Grows.

Future Expansion

Take total control and flexibility of your In-House Phone system with the ability to manage every detail, providing full customisation with few restrictions.

Feature Rich

Apps that allow you to extension dial your team, call the PSTN, utilise virtual assistant or see when your co-workers are occupied with calls...

Geographic Redundancy

Allows for decentralized setup of cloud based components, minimising downtime by utilising different servers as a mirror replica of each other.

Self Management

Your in-house IT team have full control over updates & server management. You can add/remove users & phone numbers & manage phone apps directly.

Mobile Phone Applications

Allow your receptionist to transfer calls to team mobiles and visually guage who is on their mobile, see extensive reporting or record phone conversations.


Control your phone system via mobile app or web browser, anywhere, anytime and make changes instantly with no waiting on external telco support.

NZ Owned & Operated

Voiptel Ltd is 100% owned and operated, so supporting Voiptel  to support you, supports New Zealand business!

VoIP Phone System Features

How Does it Work?

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