Founded in 2001, Yealink, the global leading UC terminal solution provider, is dedicated to communication telephony innovations. Yealink One-Stop UC terminal solutions unify voice, video and data, and are designed for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions work for every kind of user, from executives to receptionists, and can accommodate staff communicating from an office, a conference room or on the go. Our systems integrate into both on-premise and cloud-hosted ecosystems. Yealink comprehensive product portfolio includes video conferencing systems, conference phones, desk IP phones, wireless DECT phones and accessories.


Yealink Products

Yealink SIP - W60P

The Yealink SIP-W60P is a HD DECT VoIP phone system that includes the phone (W56H) and the base station.(W60)

Designed for any business who needs the flexibility of a VOIP cordless phone with great range and good size buttons.

Yealink SIP - T41S

A great business phone, the Yealink SIP -T41S is designed to do the business day after day. A Voip phone easy of use, superior sound quality and visual rich experience. It features Optima HD Voice, USB 2.0, Call recording.

Yealink SIP - T48S

The Yealink SIP - T48S is a business VoIP phone designed with feature rich VoIP for business. Ergonomic recessed buttons, an adjustable stand with non slip rubber feet, and a paper label free design. T48S offers a large touch screen that makes switching between pages and applications quick, easy and helpful. Its a beautiful phone proud to be on many desks.

Yealink CP960

Optima HD sound quality.

This phone supports 360° omni directional high quality sound pickup within a 3m radius. Extended microphones can increase this up to 5m.

With support for full-duplex, auto-echo cancellation and automatic reverberation elimination, Bluetooth, WiFi. The result is more pleasant and productive meetings.

Yealink SIP- T46S

Ideal for heavy phone use and traffic. The SIP-T46S has Yealink's Optima HD Voice, high-resolution TFT colour display,  supports Bluetooth headsets, and features a 7" colour touch panel for swift, easy, and convenient switching between screen and application.

Yealink SIP- T54W

The phone gives businesses of all sizes high quality, future-proof and unparalleled solution. It features 10-Line keys, built-in Bluetooth, WiFi and dual port gigabit Ethernet.

Wow reception phone with EXP50

Yealink EXP50

The EXP50 Expansion module for SIP -T54W, SIP-T58V, SIP-T58A, SIP-T56A, SIP-T52S. A large 4.3 inch colour-screen LCD brings a fresh visual experience and easy to use. 


Yealink EXP40

The EXP40 Expansion Module for the SIP- T46S, SIP-T46G, SIP-T48S, SIP-T48G. It features a 160*320 graphic LCD with Backlight. 20 flexible button each with a dual-colour LED. 

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