A new era of mobile productivity


The world is mobile and, on the go, surveys on mobile productivity shows the following: 


50% of employees use their smartphones as their primary device

we spend 60% of our time away from our desks

50% of companies require employees to supply their own mobile device for work

55% of emails are opened on mobile devices

55% of the workforce will be millenials by 2020

Give your business the competitive advantage it needs.

Give us a call today and let our team of experts to assist you with a robust voip soft phone solution.

Let Voiptel Help You Choose!

Soft phones on Mobile devices and office PC's increase efficiency within the workplace.

Staff are more contactable and happy to use applications that make them feel part of a team.

21st century features like: Group Chat, video calling, integration with outlook and screen sharing

Still want to use Telephone handsets for some environments?

There are still some good reasons to use a purpose made telephone handsets, such as a dirty factory environment where headsets or use of mobile phones may damage the device. A Voip Cordless phone such as this Yealink phone shown in the picture will still work as part or your over all communications solution.

Choosing a phone system that provides the best solution for your business is easy with Voiptel. Our team of experts will offer solutions based upon your unique environment and the discussions we’ll have with you as you consider your options.

Business Grade Routers and Firewalls

Voiptel provide a range of digital ready network gateways that are simple to use, automated, intelligent, and secure!

Monitor, prioritise, and scale applications with deployment automation over any secure connection. Answer your business demandswith our broadest enterprise-class integrated network routers. Protect both your business and customers with open and automated security architecture. Voiptel deliver superior networking services to allow you to gain secure connectivity, cloud services, outstanding performance and scalability as your business expands.

Why not contact Voiptel to ensure you get the right networking hardware advice for your environment.